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About Antonius Bakery

Antonius European Bakery

"We are very proud of our Bakery, we have an amazing variety of food for sale and it is so important to us to have happy customers and happy staff".

Anton & Larissa, owners of Antonius Bakery.

Antonius Bakery is owned and operated by Larissa and Anton. Anton come from generations of bakers and he learnt his baking skills from his Master Baker father and grandfather. Anton met Larissa who is from Russia whilst she was visiting family in Germany.  

They later married and now have four children, Alex, Daniel, Nicholas and Anton.  Anton Senior and Larissa chose to set up their bakery business in Motueka having learnt about its friendly people and sunshine hours.

On the first day they opened their bakery in 2011,  Larissa & Anton had to close at lunch time as they had sold out of everything ! Since then Antonius Bakery has grown in popularity in both Motueka and surrounding areas.




We are putting together a book of funny stories about things that have happened in our Bakery here are just a few 

A man came into the bakery who had been in about 10 minutes previous and asked for whatever it was that he had ordered before because it was beautiful, we asked him "what was it ?" to which he replied " I don't know" so we said "open your mouth and lets find out".

A member of staff was wiping the tables as she moved forward she moved the chair which coincidentally made a farting sound, the ladies behind her tried convincing her not to worry because they have all blamed it on the chair before. !!

Two men walked into the bakery and I asked if they were together, meaning were they paying together but they both thought I was meaning are they gay....